Balcıoğlu 4T Design Research Award will be given to the best paper that is presented to the 2019 4T Symposium, Design & Authority. The Award will be 250 Euros. Papers will be evaluated by an international Selection Committee specially configured for this purpose. The application process: 1. An email should be sent to the Secretary of the Committee, Dr. Özlem Altınkaya ( The email should include full name and contact details of the author(s) and the full paper but without the name(s) of the author(s) on it. 2. The paper must be original and not be presented or published elsewhere. It should be no longer than 4000 words (excluding the bibliography). 3. The deadline for receiving the full paper is April 15, 2019, 11:59 pm Turkish time. The Award will be announced during the 4T symposium. The Selection Process: Papers received will be sent to the members of the Selection Committee. Each will be read by a minimum of two members and evaluated against the criteria set out below. A blind review process will be managed by the Secretary who will assign a number to each paper to ensure that the identity of authors cannot be revealed before the papers sent to the Selection Committee members. Members of the Selection Committee shall decline to evaluate papers if there is a conflict of interest. Papers by relatives, students, colleagues, and co-authors fall into this category. The Selection Method: Based on the criteria listed below each paper will be given a score of 0 – 10 against each criterion, 0 being the lowest, 10 the highest score. Half points can also be used if required. Each criterion has a weighting as indicated. The reviewers will give papers a score against each criterion, multiply the score by the weighting and then add these to produce a total grade for a paper. The grades of each paper will be forwarded to the Secretary of the Committee. The threshold for the award is the minimum grade of 8. Those receiving grades higher than 8 will be listed and the highest scoring two papers will be forwarded to all members of the Selection Committee who will vote for the final judgement. The paper with the highest vote will be given the Award. In the event of a tie, the Secretary will have the casting vote. The Selection Criteria: 1. Appropriateness (weighting 0,30) The paper is expected to address to the principal theme of the Symposium 2. Originality (weighting 0.25) Originality as a new method, empirical result, theoretical perspective and innovative interpretations 3. Quality of the debate (weighting 0.20) Critical analyses of research findings, hypothesis, theories, concepts and ideas 4. Positioning (weighting 0,15) Clear positioning of paper with reference to international literature 5. Writing style (weighting 0.10) Accuracy, clarity, readability, and organization of the paper